Welcome to Lipta Boutique Hotel

At the entrance to Jerusalem, between green mountains and ancient structures, based at the abandoned and special village of “Lifta”, is located a unique boutique hotel.

A hotel that is entirely a combination of past, present and future.

The hotel building is based on ancient buildings that were used after the establishment of the state for the absorption of new immigrants from Yemen and Kurdistan and even before it was annexed to Jerusalem, the buildings were used as the “Eldad” camp, the first camp established by the “Lehi” before the establishment of the state, the buildings have undergone a rigorous preservation process to maintain an ancient and authentic exterior look with scents of the past.

Upon entering the hotel suites, you will feel like you have passed through a time machine and popped in to visit decades ahead, alongside an original high dome-shaped ceiling, each suite has been designed with a unique, modern and mostly romantic look.

Every detail in the suite has been designed to a high standard with the main and singular thought in mind being to give hotel guests a place that provides a real time-out. From each suite you can go out to the balcony that will provide you with a stunning panoramic view of the main entrance to Jerusalem. On the far horizon you can see how bridges, roads and tunnels meet in one line with valleys full of trees of various kinds, rock-hewn stone caves from the Ottoman period and abandoned village houses scattered throughout the great valley.

At “Lifta” Boutique you will have the perfect couples experience, a vacation in a romantic and authentic atmosphere, an eclectic breakfast with breathtaking views, suites at the highest level and a green and special area, where you can go for a walk around the “Lifta” spring surrounded by fig trees, sabra trees full of sabras, almond trees, carob and olive trees and the ancient valley trails. And if you are lucky, you may also be able to spot the deer making their way through the reserve.

לייעוץ מקצועי לחצו על המשך