Welcome to Lipta Boutique Hotel

In the outskirts of Jerusalem, in the heart of a charming and deserted village named Lifata, stands the “Lifata Boutique Hotel.”

The hotel, located in a restored building, offers 6 beautifully designed and spacious suites for couples on 2 different levels. Within the premises, you will enjoy a spectacular transparent pool, a spa area that includes a large Jacuzzi, sauna, and treatment room, a fully equipped kitchen, a hospitality corner, and a variety of seating areas facing the picturesque pastoral village.

In the morning hours, you will indulge in a luxurious breakfast until the suite’s door opens to a breathtaking view. Throughout your entire stay, you will benefit from the personal service of the hotel’s staff, ready to pamper you and provide assistance at any time.

Our suites

In each of our suites – original high vaulted ceiling resembling a dome, a luxurious double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious freestanding bathtub, a seating area, and an exit to a balcony that will provide you with a breathtaking panoramic view.

In some of the suites, you will also enjoy a wet sauna and a dry sauna. Every detail in the suites is designed to a high standard to provide you with a real moment of relaxation and an unforgettable experience in Israel.

Our story

In the outskirts of Jerusalem, amidst green hills and ancient structures, on the foundation of an abandoned and unique village named “Lifata,” we established a special boutique hotel that is, in fact, our personal story.

It’s the tale of a family, residents of the village Lifata, who were forced to leave their homes along with other villagers. One ancient building in the deserted village brought us back to the place where we grew up, and it became a dream come true. We built a unique and spectacular boutique hotel,a place that is a blend of past, present, and future.

לייעוץ מקצועי לחצו על המשך